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We represent in Uruguay, the most important exam providers in the industry: International Software Quality Institute (iSQI), and Brightest. These certifications are internationally recognized and cover the most significant areas of software engineering.

ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level

This course provides the basics for understanding the general testing process, the basics of management, and the main work strategies. The content program includes guidelines for interpreting and executing tests in accordance with product specifications, analyzing test results, making incident reports clearly and comprehensively, managing defect corrections using priority and criticality criteria, and understanding the use of different types of tools.

iSQI® Certified Mobile Apps Tester

This course introduces software testers to the world of mobile device applications. Participants will understand the role of a tester to assess the quality of a mobile software product, and understand the skills they must develop to adapt standard test practices to mobile applications.

iSQI® Practitioner in Agile Quality

A4Q® Certified Selenium Tester

PAQ is an accelerated learning preparation course focused on practice. It is designed to allow people with knowledge in agile methods to bring their skills to the level of practitioner in an intensive learning environment. It introduces the participants in the testing practices in agile methods, emphasizing the essential competencies required within the high performance teams, and concentrates the focus on improving the value for the business and the client. In agile teams, agile quality is the collective and equal responsibility of the entire team.

Selenium is an open source tool to automate web browser / web application tests. Many organizations use tools that are integrated with Selenium, so Selenium's skills are very useful.
The A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation certification is based on a practical training course aimed at test professionals who want to understand how to design, implement and maintain automated solutions using Selenium WebDriver.

A4Q® Design Thinking Foundation Level

Design thinking is a methodology used by designers to solve complex problems that, instead of focusing on them, is oriented to action, promoting progress towards the creation of the preferred future scenario. Design thinking uses the designer's sensitivity and is based on logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to explore the possibilities of what it could be and to create the desired results that benefit the end user. The results of a design thinking process adapt people's needs to what is technologically feasible and what a realistic business strategy can turn into customer value and market opportunity.

IREB® Requirements Engineering

A Requirements Engineer (or Requirements Analyst) analyzes, documents and manages the requirements of all parties involved in a software project. With this, it establishes the link between the requirements of customers, developers, testers and users. The curriculum covers the most important foundations for the areas of requirements engineering: the distinction between system and system context, calculation and documentation of requirements, as well as its acceptance assessment, change management and support tools.

AiU® Tester in Artificial Intelligence

With the current technology trends and the increasing incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence United (AiU) was created to support the understanding of the implementation of these important advances. The AiU certification - Certified Tester in Artificial Intelligence (AiU-CTAI) is a 3-day certification practical course, which goes beyond the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, to discover the differences associated with testing in this new world.


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